The EU Formulation Interest Group

Why join the EU Formulation Interest Group (EU-FIG)

Facilitate the exchange of non-competitive know-how in formulation technologies between stakeholders operating in key sectors that are dependent upon innovations in formulation technologies and associated automation and digital tools.

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  • Receive AceForm4.0 newsletter (ca. every two months)
  • Get exclusive access to deliverables, presentations, partner search engine and further information in the restricted members area
  • Influence on future call topics in the area
  • Gaining understanding on the implications of the potential of Circular Economy and Industry 4.0 trends for formulated products
  • Receive information on events in connection to formulation European conferences
  • Get access to a network of important players in the formulation
  • Connect to experts across industrial sectors
  • Opportunities in connection to initiatives along the value chain

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