About AceForm4.0

Activating Value Chains for EU Leadership in
FORMulation Manufacturing 4.0

Aims and Objectives

The aim of AceForm4.0 is to strengthen Europe’s leadership in the development and commercialisation of innovative sustainable formulated products by working with relevant stakeholders to establish a strategic roadmap, develop an associated implementation plan for 2025 and stimulating the creation of new collaborative value chains and partnerships in the context of the opportunities offered by industry 4.0 and the drive by Europe towards a circular economy.

The objectives of the project are:

1) Establish and evolve an EU Formulation Interest Group (EU-FIG), and facilitate the exchange of non-competitive know-how in formulation technologies between stakeholders operating in six key sectors that are dependent upon innovations in formulation technologies and associated automation and digital tools. The sectors are:

  • Formulated products for institutional and consumer use (e.g. detergents)
  • Pharmaceuticals and healthcare formulated products
  • Agrochemical formulated products
  • Formulated products for surface modification such as coatings and inks
  • Formulated food ingredients and nutraceuticals
  • Process modelling, simulation, plant automation and digital platforms (cross-cutting digital sector)

2) Identification, analysis and validation of common scientific and industrial cross-sectorial challenges faced in the coming 10 years by both SMEs, large enterprises and researchers in Europe working in the arena of formulation technologies for reducing energy consumption; improving resource efficiency and recycling; improving process scalability; and reducing time-to-market by focusing on the following domains:

  • Formulation technologies for better delivery of active ingredients
  • Modelling and high-throughput metrology to improve scale-up, process control and supply chain management
  • Intensification methodologies for better process design using scalable and industrially relevant integrated digital platforms

3) Development and validation of a strategic roadmap and associated implementation plan to 2025 based on the identified scientific and industrial cross-sectorial challenges, mobilising and enabling European industries to achieve global leadership for the delivery of innovative formulated products in the context of Industry 4.0 and the Circular Economy.

4) Facilitate through knowledge exchange activities the development of new cross-sector value chain partnerships in the field of process design and manufacturing of formulated products that will lead to reduction in costs and time to market

5) Develop a robust business plan for the on-going facilitation of the EU Formulation Interest Group, to enable facilitation of the community beyond the completion of the AceForm4.0 with aim to realise the implementation of the strategic roadmap and to represent the voice of the formulation community in Europe.

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