Calls and Funding Opportunities

Identify relevant calls and search for partners in the member area

Please find below the most relevant calls for 2019, identified by EU FormNet project partners.

Current H2020 calls 2019:

BBI2019.SO3.F3 – Produce high-performance bio-based alternatives to harmful products or processes to protect and enhance human health and the environment

SC5-23-2019 multi-stakeholder dialogue platform to promote nature-based solutions to societal challenges – follow-up project./Closing date: 04 Sep 19

BBI2019.SO2.R5 convert plant oils and fats into safe high-added-value products for various applications including food and personal care; Closing date: 04 Sep 19

BBI2019.SO3.R8 develop sustainable bio-based materials for high-volume consumer products; Closing date: 04 Sep 19

BBI2019.SO3.R10 develop bio-based high-performance materials for various and demanding applications; Closing date: 04 Sep 19

BBI2019.SO3.D3 produce bio-based functional ingredients and additives for high-end markets; Closing date: 04 Sep 19

Calls and Funding Opportunities

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Strengthening European leadership in the development and commercialisation of innovative sustainable formulated products.

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